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Chevrolet Battery near Winnipeg

Chevrolet Battery Commonly Asked Questions & Replacement near Winnipeg

I recently had to jumpstart my car. How can I tell if the battery needs replacement?

If your car car has trouble starting on its own, this is a sure sign that the battery is in need of replacement. Unlike the battery in your smartphone, 12V car batteries do not perform well once completely discharged. If your battery has totally drained (i.e. lights left on overnight) it will have a difficult time starting the car reliably.

What maintenance steps can I take to preserve my vehicle’s battery?

While batteries are built to last three to five years, it is important to have routine maintenance and check-ups on your vehicle to ensure longevity and proper performance. The best step to take is to ensure that the terminals are clean and clear and a quick inspection of the wiring to ensure there are no frayed parts.

Does Chevy’s warranty plan cover battery repair and replacement?

The Basic Limited Warranty offered by Chevy provides full coverage of the battery and other genuine GM parts for up to three years. Any parts that are found defective or unresponsive due to poor workmanship are covered at no cost.


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About Shoreside GM Service Department

Chevy exclusively uses their precisely manufactured batteries to ensure you Chevrolet vehicle runs as effectively as possible. To avoid any mistakes or shortcomings of third-party batteries, it is highly recommended to have your battery replaced by a local Chevy dealer.

Due to advanced safety features and a host of new technology, a battery’s performance is crucial. Choosing the right high-quality battery can be difficult. To make the process easier, consult with a Chevrolet technician. Ensure your Chevy runs smoothly and all of your favorite features work properly with an advanced Chevrolet battery

To ensure your Chevrolet operates at peak performance, we recommend using genuine Chevy parts, especially OEM batteries. Due to the high standards of quality that General Motors has when manufacturing vehicles and parts, drivers will enjoy the highest quality repairs and replacements at low costs.

Your vehicle requires a specific battery can start up the engine every time in cold or hot weather. Your local Chevrolet dealer has a great selection of ACDelco auto batteries to suit your needs. When you the your Chevy dealer's service team replaces your battery, you can be certain you’re getting the right parts for your vehicle. These are backed by years of research and development. When you replace your battery at a Chevrolet dealers, you are getting the best combination of longevity, power, and price.

You will find exclusive services offered at your nearest Chevy dealer, many of which include battery inspection and diagnostic analysis. Enjoy complimentary battery checks from a certified Chevy technician. If the technician finds any reason for replacement, the dealership has new OEM batteries on-hand to replace your battery immediately.