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Chevrolet Parts near Winnipeg

Why Buy Genuine Chevrolet Parts?

Chevrolet Parts Commonly Asked Questions & Replacement near Winnipeg

What is the benefit of buying floor mats?

Floor mats protect the floor from debris and seasonal weather. Dirt and dust can be vacuumed or shaken out of a floor mat easily, keeping the original carpet in excellent condition. Protecting the original interior will maintain the highest resale value of your Chevy. Protect your vehicle from spills and stains with a set of easy to clean floor mats. You can purchase floor mats from the parts and accessories department of your Chevrolet dealer.

What is the advantage of accessories from Chevy?

Modern cars are like rolling computers. When you use parts not designed for the car, your additions will not be integrated into the car's software. This can cause errors. Most Chevrolet Parts and Accessories sold and installed on a Chevrolet vehicle by a Chevrolet Dealer or a Chevrolet-approved Accessory Distributor/Installer (ADI) before delivery to the customer are tested and proven to work with your vehicle. Thus they are covered under the applicable limited warranty.

What Do I Get from Enrolling in Chevrolet Connect?

This is a premium monthly service that will give you roadside assistance if an unplanned vehicle error arises. The trained Chevy professionals are there to help in any way and are trained in detail to repair many fixes on Chevy vehicles.

Where can I find additional information about Chevy Parts?

If you would like a more detailed approach to the customization of your vehicle, feel free to take the car in to a certified Chevy dealer.

What is a Chevy five lug bolt pattern?

This is a standard lug nut pattern that is made to fit not only Chevy vehicles, but GM vehicles overall.


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Popular Chevrolet Parts & Accessories

Parts & Accessories
Remote Push to StartPrice $295.00Start your Chevy vehicle from the key fob with this amazing push to start functionality. It will have the engine running before you enter the vehicle.
● Automated climate control upon start
● Warm up the engine on a cold day
● Added to anti-theft platform
● Additional in-dealership programming fee
Parts & Accessories
Black Accent Chevy LogoPrice $120.00*Add an aggressive style upgrade to your Chevy vehicle.● Customized and Enhanced Exterior
Parts & AccessoriesPremium Exterior Badging with Accent Design or LED lighting
Price $340.00*A premium exterior upgrade that adds front logo illumination.
● Make your vehicle stand out
● Highly durable lighting with long-lasting life
● Fully Waterproofed design
Parts & Accessories
Chevy Logo First Row and Second Row All Season Floor Mats
Price $200.00*Upgrade the durability of your vehicle’s interior with the simple and effective add-on floor mats from Chevy.
● Fits your Chevy Vehicle with Exact measurements
● The deep pattern allows for easy cleaning and removal of built-up contaminants
● Raised sides ensure that no debris or trash falls beneath the mats
● Adhesive back allows for anti-slip design
● Hides wear prior to installation

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