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Dealership hours of operation
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GMC Brakes near Winnipeg

GMC Brakes Commonly Asked Questions

What causes brake pedal vibration?

If there is a flaw in the performance of your brake pads or rotors, then you may find that your brake pedal will vibrate somewhat violently. This is often an indicator of a warped or worn brake rotor.

How much does it cost on average to replace your brakes?

Drivers will find that an average cost of replacing brake pads will vary depending on your GMC vehicle.Remember, keeping good care of your vehicle in all aspects will help you avoid expensive repair fees. Contact your GMC dealer for a brake special near you.

How often should I replace my brakes?

Have your brakes inspected at all service intervals. Also most vehicles now carry a wear indicator - this will illuminate when your brake pad lining is near the end of its wear.


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